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Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling, Specialization in Life Coaching


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:  The prospective doctoral candidate must hold an earned Master’s degree conferred by an approved educational institution.  Upon receipt of the application and consultation, a determination will be made concerning the prospective doctoral candidate’s eligibility.





Total Courses

 8 Courses (40 hours)

Core Courses & Electives

Verbtim Reports


1-3 Pages Each


20 hours

60-150 pages

Core Courses

Minimum 8

Authorized Textbooks

Elective Courses



No Travel Seminars

Maximum 4

(Core only)


No Travel Seminar Tab

TUITION - $2,695.00

Automatic Monthly Payment Program:  $200 down and $100 a month for a total of $2,695.00.

Up Front Payment Program: $300 reduction for a total of $2,395.00 paid at enrollment.

Tuition does not include textbooks. Please purchase them at your favorite book dealer or www.Amazon.com

ABOUT THIS DEGREE PROGRAM:  The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling, Specialization in Life Coaching degree program is to acquaint the student with a broad perspective of Life Coaching. 

The program consists of eight courses, which are the equivalent of forty hours of study, and a dissertation, which is the equivalent of twenty hours of study.  Texts must be selected from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below.  Although all textbooks may be ordered simultaneously, assignments must be submitted one at a time.  Once a textbook is read, a 10 to 20 page paper describing what was read must be submitted for grading.    A four to six page paper is required for each No Travel Seminar.  We are simply asking students for a summary of the material.  A 60-150 page paper is required for the dissertation.   Review the How to Submit Your Work tab concerning submission of assignments. Students may complete one degree program in Christian Counseling, Specialization in Life Coaching.  If a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, Specialization in Life Coaching is completed, the student is not eligible for the Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling, Specialization in Life Coaching.

SPECIFIC DEGREE PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS:  The Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling, Specialization in Life Coaching degree program requires a total of 60 hours.  This is comprised of eight courses (40 hours) and a dissertation (20 hours).   All eight of the required courses  must be core courses,  chosen from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below.  Electives may not be utilized.   A maximum of four No Travel Seminars may be utilized for this program.  All seminars utilized for this degree program must be core courses.

Courses/Textbooks may not be utilized for more than one degree program.


  • CLC 600  Overview of Christian Life Coaching: Christian Life Coaching Handbook- by Tony Stoltzfus
  • CLC 610 Coaching Others To Turn Potential into Reality: Christian coaching, Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality - by Gary Collins
  • CLC 620 Developing The Skill of Asking Questions: Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills- by Tony Stoltzfus
  • CLC 630  The Process of Character Makeover: Character Makeover: 40 Days with a Life Coach to Create the Best You - by Katherine   Brazelton and Shelley Leith 
  • CLC 640 Christian Coaching Development:   Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Christian coach-  by Tony Stoltzfus
  • CLC 650 Coaching Widowed Men and Women:  Christian Life Coaching For Widowed Men and Womenby Gail Ruth Peterson
  • CLC 660  Small Group Leadership Development: Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders:  A Practical Guide for those who Lead and Shepherd Small Group Leaders- by Bill Donahue and Greg Bowman
  • CLC  670 Overview of Christian Counseling:  Christian Counseling 3rd Edition:  Revised and Updated-  by Gary Collins
  • CLC 680 Spiritual Directives to Health and Wellness: Christian Paths to Health and Wellness-by Peter Walters and John Byl
  • CLC 690 Christ-Centered Coaching:  Christ Centered Coaching: 7 Benefits for Ministry Leaders- by Jane Creswell
  • CLC 700 Spiritual and Personal Growth Leadership:  Jesus, Life Coach, Learn from the Best- by Laurie Beth Jones
  • CLC 710 21st Century Counseling: Christian Counseling for the 21st Century- by Dr. William Perry
  • CLC 800 MINISTRY STUDIES PRACTICAL SURVEY - Required Text:  Minister's Guidebook Insights from a Fellow Minister by Dr. Glenn W. Mollette CLICK HERE OR GO TO AMAZON.COM TO  PURCHASE


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