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Assignment Data Form


This Assignment Data Form must be submitted to NTS with all assignments.

Assignments should be emailed to: schoolassignment@aol.com.... 

Submitting an assignment:  The Assignment Data Form must be copied, pasted and inserted into the body of the email.  This form may not be included as an attachment. The assignment must be attached to the email as a single Word document file.  PDF/protected view/read only files are not acceptable.  You will receive an automated response confirming receipt of your email. (If you do not receive an automated response, send an email to schoolassignment@aol.com asking for confirmation that the assignment has been received. Do not resend the assignment unless specifically requested to do so by the Registrar's Office.)

CAUTION:  Be certain to submit the final version of each assignment for review.  Once an assignment is received it may not be replaced or retracted.

Submissions that are missing any of the required information or contain incorrect information WILL NOT be processed.

Please Note:   The Student is responsible for keeping track of core courses, electives, alternates and seminars.  Refunds and transfers are not available for seminars submitted that do not apply toward the student's degree program.  Should a student submit more than the allowable number of electives or alternates, the Student will be responsible for the tuition cost associated with additional coursework.



(All highlighted fields must be fully completed.)

Full Name of Student:                                                                                   

Student I.D. No. (Found on your Student Agreement):                         

Degree Program:                                                                                       

Assignment Type(Verbatim Report/Seminar Summary/Textbook Summary/Ministry Project/Dissertation)                                               

Course Title (Title of Textbook):                                                               

Course Number (Found on the Degree Program/Seminar page):                         

Date Submitted:                                                                                          


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