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Newburgh Theological Seminary - Newburgh College of the Bible

When may I begin work on my degree program?

Possibly today. Fill out the Free Academic Evaluation and click submit. We will email or call you within 24 hours. Or,
you may call us at 1.812.858.3920 after completing and submitting the evaluation. The link for the evaluation is found on the top left of the web page. You may pay your tuition deposit at the Tuition Payment page. If you are not admitted into the program your money will be refunded.

How long does it take to complete a degree?

This depends entirely upon you. The program is done at your pace.

Will Accelerated seminars enable me to graduate faster?

Yes. One seminar class takes the place of one course (one book).  However, there is a limited number of seminar classes that are allowed per degree program.

What kind of students attend NTS?

We have students from all fifty states and over thirty countries. Students enroll to do Associate through Doctorate degrees. We have students from all backgrounds and different walks of life.

Am I too old or too young?

We have students age 25 to 85 attending NTS.

Do I have to attend graduation?

No. NTS can send your degree to you via UPS or US mail.

Does NTS have students who have graduated from other schools?

Many of our students have graduated from Southern Seminary, Louisville, Southwestern, Texas and many, many other fine schools from across the country. They come to NTS because of our commitment to excellence and our commitment to Christ. Through NTS they are able to experience the kind of flexibility, affordability and innovation not found in any other seminaries.

Does NTS have real professors?

NTS has only the finest professors. They have demonstated their commitment to Christ in their lifestyles and stable, lifelong ministries. They have all achieved academic excellence and are well qualified to teach.

Can I afford a seminary/college degree?

Our payment plan makes it possible for anybody to complete the degree of their dreams. Please call or email for any questions. We are here to help you in your Seminary/Bible College education.

I have recently felt called into ministry. Will someone at NTS help me to determine what I need to do next?

Absolutely! NTS is a Christ-centered school. We understand that God calls ministers from all walks of life and at all different times in life. If God has called you we'll help you prepare.


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