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Second Doctorate Degree Program
An Opportunity For Ministry And Academic Growth


Tuition is $2,795 for the Ph.D., Th.D., or $2,695 for the Doctor of Ministry post-doctoral work.

The Second Doctor’s Degree is for the advanced student.

The candidate for this degree already has been through doctoral work and earned either the  Ph.D.  Th.D.  or D.Min. degree.

Students holding a Th.D. or Ph.D. may pursue either another Ph.D. or Th.D by doing only a dissertation and three core courses. These may be textbooks or No Travel Seminars if the program has core No Travel Seminars. If verbatims are a part of the study these are also required.   Students holding a  D.Min. may pursue another D.Min. by doing only a project  paper and three core textbooks or core seminars.  Students holding a D.Min., M.D. or J.D.,  may pursue a Ph.D. or Th.D. by doing three core courses or seminars and a dissertation only. Verbatims are required if part of the degree program. 

Courses/Textbooks may not be utilized for more than one degree program.

The second doctorate provides the student with additional opportunities to study in a different field of research without having to go through all the classes previously studied.

A transcript of a previous doctorate  must be submitted to Admissions, Newburgh Theological Seminary, P.O. Box 1238, 8922 Ruffian Lane, Newburgh, Indiana 47629.

The dissertation must be between 60  – 100 pages and have at least 20 references in the Bibliography. The dissertation theme must be submitted to the committee for approval. Once the theme is approved the doctoral candidate may begin the program. The tab for submitting your idea on the left side of the website.

The student must select a theme that he or she is passionate about for this degree.  The hope  of Newburgh is that this process will further equip the student in fulfilling his or her ministry calling and service to Jesus Christ.

Ph.D. degrees available in the second doctorate category are: Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Counseling, Church Growth, Evangelism, Preaching,  Pastoral Ministries, Christian Education and more.

Please fill out the free academic evaluation or application and indicate your interest in the second doctorate degree program.  Or, you may call 1.812.858.3920 to discuss this with an advisor.