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Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Ministry


Dissertation Guidelines:
The candidate's dissertation idea should be submitted in writing as soon as possible. The Pastoral Ministry student may wish to focus on a book or passage of scripture or theme in scripture. The dissertation should be written in such a way that it would be worthy of public distribution. Every dissertation submitted will be considered and read with the prospects of publication. While no student is required to publish the dissertation it is certainly a worthy way of preserving the student's work and utilizing the book in future ministry.

Complete and submit the Dissertation Title Form.  Simply tell us your working title for your dissertation and give us some brief sentances as to what you think you want to say about this theme.  Upon approval of your theme we will email you with your dissertation theme approval.

To enable the doctoral candidate to do an overall study of research and practice in the realm of Pastoral Ministry. The doctoral candidate will show in the writing dissertation the results of the research and what has been learned during the candidacy program. The average dissertation is between 60 to 120 pages. A bibliography should be a minimum of  twenty books that the candidate has referred to in the preparation for writing the dissertation.

Degree Requirements:
The doctoral candidate must have a Bachelor's and Master's degree approved by our seminary before admission into the program is granted. The student must prove that he/she possesses the academic background capable of pursuing the Doctoral degree. After consultation and review the administrative faculty will determine if the candidate qualifies for admission. All course work may be emailed to schoolassignment@aol.com.

Six core courses of study related to the doctoral field and one research dissertation paper will complete the requirements for this degree program.  These books should be selected from our suggested textbooks. Your books may all be ordered at one time, however, students are encouraged to take one course at a time. Each book constitutes five hours of credit or one course.

The student may select up to three elective textbooks from any page on this web site.

The six core textbooks may be any of the seven on this page or may include up to three selected from other pages of this web site. Please submit them in any order. Please write ten to twenty pages of summary about the textbook. Tell us in the summary paper what the book is about and what you learned and how you can apply the material to your life and ministry. You may want to write close to one page per chapter as a writing guide. These books do not include the student's list of books that will be used in writing the dissertation project.  However, these six books may be used in the Bibliography if they are referenced in writing the dissertation. The Bibliography should be twenty references with appropriate endnotes. Follow Turabian or MLA in dissertation preparation. 

Each book may be ordered from Amazon.com or your local bookstore.

PMIN 800  Moral Formation - Ministerial Ethics,: Moral Formation for Church Leaders by Joe E. Trull and James E. Carter (Paperback

PMIN 810   Ministerial Ethics - Ministerial Ethics: Being a Good Minister in a Not-So-Good World by  Joe E. Trull and James E. Carter

PMIN  820  Pastoral Ministry - Pastoral Ministry according to Paul: A Biblical Vision by James W. Thompson

PMIN  830    Pastoral Ministry II Pastoral Ministry: MacArthur Pastor's Library (John Macarthur Pastor's Library) by John MacArthur

PMIN 840    Essentials of Ministry - Pastoral Theology: Essentials of Ministry by Thomas C. Oden

PMIN 850  Ministry Challenges - Reforming Pastoral Ministry: Challenges for Ministry in Postmodern Times by Erwin W. Lutzer, John H. Armstrong, Mark Coppenger, and Joel R. Beeke

PMIN 860 Christian Counseling - Christian Counseling That Really Works by Dan Montgomery

PMIN 870  Pastoral Shepherding - Shepherding God's Flock: A Handbook on Pastoral Ministry, Counseling and Leadership by Jay E. Adams

PMIN 880  Ministry Overview - Criswells Guidebook For Pastors by W. A. Criswell

PMIN 900  Church Growth 101 - Church Growth 101 A Church Growth Guidebook For Ministers & Laity, by Dr. Glenn W. Mollette

PMIN 910 Church Development - Church Growth and Development , The Kingdom-Focused Church: A Compelling Image of an Achievable Future for Your Church by Gene Mims (Hardcover - May 2003)

  • The doctoral program may be done at your own pace. However, we do encourage the completion of this program in two years.
  • Submit coursework via email.
    Use Schoolassignment@aol.com  for submission of email coursework. This email address should also be used for submission of Doctor of Ministry projects and Ph.D. Dissertations.
    NTS expects a good ten to twenty page summary paper of each textbook for all degree programs. Typed, double-spaced, Font type should be 10 - 12. Microsoft Word is preferred when emailing an attachment. If Microsoft Word is unavailable, assignments may be copied and pasted into the body of your email. Please review your paper for spelling and grammar errors before submitting. 
     - Summarize what the book said.
     - Tell us what you learned.
     - If the text is helpful to you in your life, work and ministry, please tell us about this too.
  • Effective September 1, 2009 - Ph.D. students who enroll this date and after may utilize up to three No Travel Seminars toward the completion of the six courses.  This does not affect those who have enrolled in this program prior to this date who may use more seminars.
    Seminar papers require 4 - 5 pages, font size 10 - 12.
     - Summarize what the seminar professor said.
     - Tell us what you learned.
    -  If the seminar is helpful to you in your life, work and ministry, please tell us about this too.


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