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Master of Arts in Christian Emergency Response


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:  The prospective candidate must hold an earned Bachelor’s degree from an approved educational institution. 





Total Courses

8 courses(40 hours)

Core Courses & Electives

Crisis Management Plan Project

5 hours

10-15 page paper

Core Courses

Minimum 5

Authorized Textbooks

Elective Courses

Maximum 3

Core Courses and Core Seminars from Biblical Studies, Ministry, Counseling or Pastoral Leadership degree program pages 

No Travel Seminars

Maximum 3


No Travel Seminar Tab


TUITION - $2,495.00

Automatic Monthly Payment Program:  $200 down and $100 a month for a total of $2,495.00.

Up Front Payment Program: $300 reduction for a total of $2,195.00 paid at enrollment.

Tuition does not include textbooks. Please purchase them at your favorite book dealer or www.Amazon.com

ABOUT THIS DEGREE PROGRAM:  The frequency of crises and disasters is startling.  These are the days in which we live.  Disasters, various emergencies and even terroristic activities threaten our people; even our churches.  When we, the church, are called upon to respond, are we ready? Even with a heart full of desire, Christian people, in most cases, do not know how to respond. Entire communities are unprepared for sudden natural or man-made disasters. Crises affect our world and we must prepare to meet the needs they create. The Master of Arts in Emergency Response 911 degree program is designed to prepare you to lead your church and community to respond in times of crises.

The program consists of eight courses and a Crisis Management Plan Project Paper, which are the equivalent of forty-five hours of study. Texts must be selected from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below.  Although all textbooks may be ordered simultaneously, assignments must be submitted one at a time.  Once a textbook is read, a 10 to 20 page paper describing what was read must be submitted for grading.    A four to six page paper is required for each No Travel Seminar.  We are simply asking students for a summary of the material. A 10-15 page paper is required for the Crisis Management Plan Project.    Review the How to Submit Your Work tab concerning submission of assignments.

SPECIFIC DEGREE PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS:  The Master of Arts in Christian Emergency Response 911 degree program requires a total of 45 hours.  This is comprised of eight courses (40 hours) anda Crisis Management Plan Project Paper (5 hours).  Five of the eight required courses, must be core courses chosen from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below.  Up to three of the eight required courses may be electives.   Electives may only be chosen from core textbooks and core seminars from the degree program pages for Biblical Studies, Ministry, Christian Counseling or Pastoral Leadership.    No Travel Seminars are optional.  A maximum of three No Travel Seminars may be utilized for this program.  

Courses/Textbooks may not be utilized for more than one degree program.




  • ER 916  Crisis Management Project - Build a Crisis Management Plan for a Local Church  

This is 10-15 page paper that begins with a potential crisis. This could be a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, terrorist attack or any crisis that might threaten your town or community. In your paper you may create your own idea of a community catastrophe or use one that has really happened. In this paper you state what has happened and how you will lead your church group to respond.

The paper must include:

- A statement describing the crisis. (Destroyed homes, loss of life, the overall scenario of the damage. )

- A detailed description of what has occurred during the crisis. (Community destroyed by wind or rain...etc.)
- A statement indicating the number of people who have been impacted.

 - A detailed description of how you will lead your church or church group to respond.

- A detailed description of what you will provide.

- A statement indicating what/who will be your source(s) for the necessary funding.

- A statement indicating the number of people you will attempt to help.

- A detailed description of how you will organize and prepare your help.

- A brief ministry plan for how you will meet physical needs and spiritual needs.  In crisis you will have to meet the physical needs first with a plan for spiritual follow-up.                                   


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