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Financial Arrangements
Newburgh Theological Seminary


Tuition at Newburgh Theological Seminary and Newburgh College  of the Bible is very affordable. We want to make every effort to help you fulfill your educational goals.  We require a $100 registration fee to begin the process. You can save $100 if you make a $200 deposit. A $200 deposit eliminates the $100 registration fee.The balance of the tuition is payable monthly. Normal monthly payments are $100 each month. We do not charge interest on your balance. The student and seminary enter into a faith agreement that the student will be faithful to the monthly payment. If the student allows a 60 day lapse in payment the student will be considered inactive. To reactivate  the student must pay a reactivation fee plus any tuition increase. If the student forsees a potential payment problem they may simply call or email the seminary and notify us of the problem and this will save the student from being placed on the inactive list. This must be done before the 60 day time period ends. The Tuition Payment tab is located on the left side of the front home page. 


All tuition and fees must be paid prior to graduation or issuing the pursued degree.


To find out your balance of any tuition or fees that may be unpaid please call us at 812.858.3920. You may also email us at NewburghTheologicalSeminary@ymail.com  This information is easily available and is free. If you need a detailed receipt that shows all transactions over the last several months the cost is $30. You can pay this at the tuition payment tab or pay over the phone when calling. Or you may send a check with the request.


If your application is rejected all of the tuition will be returned immediately. The deposit and subsequent payments may be made by credit card, (We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) check, money order, Western Union or check draft.  You may use the Tuition Payment tab on this website. We have a secure server. Or, you may mail your payment to us or call us at 1.812.858.3920 to give us the necessary information. Students making application for NTS/NCB should complete either the Academic Evaluation Form or the Application Form and click the submit button for our review.


Please review the degree information and other information on the website. Our program is Biblical, Christ-centered, practical and affordable. All Tuition and fees are non-refundable.


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1238
8922 Ruffian Lane
Newburgh, Indiana 47629



Christ-Centered, Biblically Sound, Affordable