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Earned Doctor of Divinity Degree Program


Newburgh Theological Seminary offers an opportunity for select ministers to participate in an earned Doctor of Divinity degree program. This tract of study is for the mature minister who has a proven track record of ministry service.  This degree provides a specialized area of study that leads to the prestigious Doctor of Divinity degree.    

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:  The prospective doctoral candidate must 1) be ordained, (minister,deacon or elder) 2) be at least 42 years old, 3) have at least 15 years of acceptable ministry service and 4) hold an earned Bachelor’s degree from an approved educational institution.  The Doctor of Divinity candidate must complete and submit Newburgh’s Academic Evaluation or Application together with a copy of the candidate’s driver’s license or government issued I.D. and ordination certificate. Upon receipt of the complete application a determination will be made concerning the prospective doctoral candidate’s eligibility.  Upon acceptance, the candidate will be required to sign a Doctor of Divinity degree program Student Agreement. Prior to beginning the Core Unit requirements, Newburgh must receive a  Bachelor’s transcript directly from the conferring educational institution. 


Core Units

Core Unit Area


Core Unit 1/

10 Hours

Ministry Proficiency

1)Salvation Experience/Call to Ministry Paper

2)Ministry Experience Paper

3)Ministry Goals Paper

Core Unit 2/

5 Hours

Old Testament Proficiency

One OT Course (selected from the list below)

Core Unit 3/

5 Hours

New Testament Proficiency

One NT Course (selected from the list below)

Core Unit 4/

5 Hours

Theology or Apologetics Proficiency

One Theology or Apologetics Course (selected from the list below)

Core Unit 5/

5 Hours

Ministry Calling Defense Paper

Ministry Defense Paper


TUITION - $3,495.00

Automatic Monthly Payment Program:  $200 down and $100 a month for a total of $3,495.00

Up Front Payment Program: $500 reduction for a total of $2,995.00 paid at enrollment.

Tuition does not include textbooks. Please purchase them at your favorite book dealer or www.Amazon.com.

ABOUT THIS DEGREE PROGRAM:  The Doctor of Divinity program will provide a specialized area of study leading to the prestigious Doctor of Divinity Degree. The program consists of Five Core Units, which validate the candidate’s Ministry Proficiency, Old Testament Proficiency, New Testament Proficiency, Theology or Apologetics Proficiency and Ministry Defense. 

SPECIFIC DEGREE PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS:  The Doctor of Divinity degree program requires a total of Five Core Units.

Core Unit 1 Requirements (DD 500 - Ministry Proficiency):

All four components of Core Unit 1 must be submitted simultaneously by the student.

  1. Salvation Experience/Call to Ministry Paper – The candidate must submit a 5-10
    page paper verifying years of ministry service and summarizing the candidate’s past life, including the candidate’s salvation and call to ministry experiences.
  2. Ministry Experience Paper – The candidate must submit a 5 - 10 page paper
    discussing the candidate’s previous ministries and the highs and lows associated
    with those ministries.
  3. Submit one to two pages describing your ministry goals. 

Review the How to Submit Your Work tab concerning submission of assignments prior to submitting the Core Unit requirements.

Core Unit 2 Requirements (DD 510 - Old Testament Proficiency):   The candidate must select an Old Testament text from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below and submit a 10-20 page summary paper.

Core Unit 3 Requirements (DD 520 New Testament Proficiency): The candidate must select a New Testament text from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below and submit a 10-20 page summary paper. 

Core Unit 4 Requirements (DD 530 - Theology Proficiency or DD 540 - Apologetics Proficiency): The candidate must select either a Theology or an Apologetics text from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below and submit a 10-20 page summary paper.

All texts required for Core Units 2 through 4 must be selected from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below.  Although all textbooks may be ordered simultaneously, assignments must be submitted one at a time.  Once a textbook is read, a 10-20 page paper describing what was read must be submitted for grading.  We are simply asking students for a summary of the material. Review the How to Submit Your Work tab concerning submission of assignments prior to submitting the summary papers for Core Unit requirements.   Alternate/Elective courses and No Travel Seminars may not be utilized for this degree program. 

Core Unit 5 Requirements (DD 550 - Ministry Defense): The candidate must submit a 5-10 page paper summarizing the candidate’s understanding of his or her calling. Please explain what you have felt called to do and how this is either the same or has changed over time. Please address what you feel God is calling you to do in future ministry. What are your goals? 

Review the How to Submit Your Work tab concerning submission of assignments prior to submitting the Core Unit requirement.


DD 510 Old Testament Proficiency

  • Encountering the Old Testament, A Christian Survey by Bill T. Arnold
  •  and Brian E. Beyer OR  
  • A Popular Survey of the Old Testament by Norman L. Geisler

DD 520 New Testament Proficiency

  • Encountering the New Testament: A Historical and Theological Survey by Walter Elwell and Robert W. Yarbrough OR
  •  A Popular Survey of the New Testament by Norman L. Geisler

DD 530 Theology Proficiency

  • Systematic Theology, An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine by Wayne Grudem OR
  • Christian Theology by Millard J. Erickson

DD 540 Apologetics Proficiency

  • Defending Your Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics by R. C. Sproul, Hardcover, 2003 OR
  • The Big Book of Christian Apologetics, An A-Z Guide by Norman L. Geisler


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