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Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling


Utilize up to eighty Hours of previous education/life experience.  





Total Courses

8 courses/40 hours

Core Courses & Electives

Core Courses

Minimum 4

Authorized Textbooks

Elective Courses

Maximum 4

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No Travel Seminars

Maximum 5


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 TUITION - $2,195.00  

Automatic Monthly Payment Program$200 down and $100 a month for a total of $2,195.00.

Up Front Payment Program: $300 reduction for a total of $1,895.00 paid at enrollment.

Tuition does not 

ABOUT THIS DEGREE PROGRAMThe Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling degree program consists of courses that will enable the student to become better equipped in Christian counseling.  The program consists of eight courses which are the equivalent of forty hours of study. Texts must be selected from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below.  Although all textbooks may be ordered simultaneously, assignments must be submitted one at a time.  Once a textbook is read, a 10 to 20 page paper describing what was read must be submitted for grading.    A four to six page paper is required for each No Travel Seminar.  NTS is simply asking students for a summary of the material. Review the How to Submit Your Work tab concerning submission of assignments.

SPECIFIC DEGREE PROGRAM REQUIREMENTSThe Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling degree program requires a total of 120 hours.  This is comprised of eight courses (40 hours) plus life, ministry, education, military and work experience (80 hours).   Four of the eight required courses must be core courses chosen from the list of Authorized Textbooks provided below.  Up to four of the eight required courses may be electives.  Electives may be chosen from the Electives Page or the No Travel Seminar tab.  No Travel Seminars are optional.  A maximum of five No Travel Seminars may be utilized for this program.  


CC 300 Practice of Compassionate Counseling:  required text - Competent Christian Counseling, Volume One: Foundations and Practice of Compassionate Soul Care by Timothy Clinton and George Ohlschlager (Hardcover - Apr 16, 2002)

CC 320 Spiritual Direction: required text -  The Practice of Spiritual Direction by William A. Barry (Paperback - Jun 2, 2009)

CC 340  Christian Modern Psychotherapies: required text - Modern Psychotherapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal (Christian Association for Psychological Studies Partnership) by Stanton L. Jones (Hardcover - Oct 25, 2011)

CC 360 Christian Care Giving: required text,  Silent Struggler: A Caregiver's Personal Story by Glenn Mollette (Paperback - Dec 1, 2000)

CC 380 Basic Christian Counseling: required text - Christian Counseling 3rd Edition: Revised and Updated by Gary R. Collins (Paperback - Jan 16, 2007)

CC 400  Effective Christian Leadership: required text -  Basic Christian Leadership: Biblical Models of Church, Gospel and Ministry by John R. W. Stott(Paperback - Mar 23, 2006)

CC 420  Practical Christian Counseling: required text - Christian Counseling That Really Works by Dan Montgomery (Paperback - Sep 30, 2010)

CC 440  Developing A Theology of Christian Counseling: required text - Theology of Christian Counseling, A by Jay Edward Adams (Paperback - Jun 28, 1986)

CC 460 Nursing Home Comprehension: required text -  Nursing Home Nightmares: America's Disgrace. A True Story of Abuse, Neglect and Corporate Greed by Dr. Glenn Mollette (Paperback - Oct 1, 2001)

CC 470  Caring For The Seriously Ill: required text - COMPASSIONATE CARE: AN INSPIRATIONAL GUIDE FOR CAREGIVERS OF THE SERIOUSLY ILL by PhD. John W. Walton (Paperback - Mar 11, 2009)

CC 480  21st Century Christian Counseling: required text -  Christian Counseling for the 21st Century, Dr. William Perry 


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