Tax Deductible Gifts

Your Financial Support Is Vital

Your support makes this ministry possible. Your gift of any amount helps us train preachers, missionaries, church planters, evangelists, Christian teachers and Christian relief workers and others around the world. Our mission is Equipping Others Called To Serve. Your gift of any amount will help us train others who are called by God to reach the world for Jesus Christ.  Newburgh Theological Seminary and Newburgh College of the Bible has students in all 50 states and now over thirty countries. Your gifts help us reach others.  Help us keep this school and ministry of Christian Education, Evangelism and Inspiration alive.  Newburgh Seminary and College of The Bible thanks you!

Your tax-deductible financial support helps us to help others around the world.  Our tuition is currently very reasonable.  Help us help others by your financial gifts.

You can also tell others about the ministry of Newburgh Theological Seminary/ Newburgh College of the Bible.

Consider other gifts. Please consider a gift of land, insurance, stock or other gifts in kind. We can convert gifts in kind to help us support this Christ-centered ministry. Call us now if you would like to arrange a gift in kind at 1.812.858.3920.