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We are delighted to see good Christ-centered books go out to the world to read. 
 We do not use every book we publish in our seminary education program. Most of the books we publish will not be included in our curriculum. It would simply be impossible. 

We can help you distribute your manuscript to the world. Our books are distributed throughout the United States and most of the world via the two largest book distributors on the planet, Baker and Taylor and Ingram. Our books are also distributed via,, BAMM.Com, other web dealers and normally can be ordered through most book stores that order from our book distributors. 

We can help you typeset your manuscript, come up with a cover, barcode, ISBN number, a price for your book and then put it out for others to buy. 

You won't get rich. Writing books is like preaching sermons, singing songs, sharing your faith and other services you may do. You write and you want to be published because you enjoy writing and want to see what you write in print. Although, if you work hard, have book signings and are willing to hit the pavement with your books you will sell more and make more money. There is no overnight success in the author industry. Most everything takes a couple or three years to kick in and begin to generate some positive success. Nothing is easy. The beginning is if you enjoy it and the rest is easier. 

We do not not publish everything that comes our way. We reserve the right to say no on many manuscripts. If we put Newburgh Press or one of our other imprints on a book we want it to be a good Christian book. With all this said, please let us hear from you. 

Publication normally costs between $1,595 and $2,495. This all hinges on whether you want a paperback book or a hardcover book. Hardcovers are closer to the $2,495 range. They also must sell for more money which makes them a little harder to sell. We will try to guide you on this. If we can come up with a nice cover that you are happy with in two or three attempts this keeps cost down as well. If you can get a large mega publisher to publish your book then that's cool. You retain all the rights to your book. Anytime you want to release your book to a large publishing house you own your book and we do not keep you from moving up to a bigger publishing house. Also, if you place your manuscript later with a literary agent or other representative to promote your book, we are happy to release your book from our list so you can move forward.  Newburgh Press is simply a way to move your writing out into the market place and go forward with your writing ministry. Also, you can publish your book for less money but we can only promote our authors through our marketing endeavors. 

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