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The Church History student may pursue any of the following
Bachelor of Arts in Church History
Master of Arts in Church History
Ph.D. in Church History
Tuition does not include cost of books or any seminars.
The Bachelor's requires Eight courses or 40 hours as explained further down on this webpage.
The Master's requires eight courses or 40 hours of study. Eight of the courses/texts on this page may be chosen.
The Ph.D requires six courses and a dissertation for 50 hours of study. Six of the courses/texts may be chosen from this page.
The dissertation should be from 60 to 120 pages and contain a minimum of twenty references in the Bibliography.
We would expect a student to only do one degree in church history. We would not encourage a student to do a Bachelors and a Masters in church history.
Possibly, a student would do Biblical studies, or even a Ministry degree if a combination program is desired. Most of the students who enter this program will be at the Masters or Doctoral level.
The purpose of this degree is to acquaint the student with a broad perspective of Church History. Must Complete Eight Courses, If They Have Eighty Hours of Previous Life Experience and Education. This is for the Bachelor's degree candidate only. The Masters applicant must already have a Bachelor's degree and the Ph.D. candidate must already have a Master's degree.

Degree Requirements: 40 Hours or Eight Courses
The bachelor degree program in Church History requires120 credit hours. Eighty  (80) hours of previous education or life experience may be granted. Forty  (40) hours of coursework must be completed at Newburgh Theological Seminary and College of the Bible before the degree is granted. Eight 5-hour courses constitute the thirty (40) hours needed. All coursework is emailed to 
You are allowed up to Four (4) No Travel Seminars or Accelerated Seminars (1 must be a core course) for the Bachelor's degree program, Four (4) No Travel Seminars for the Master's program (1 must be a core course) and up to Three No Travel Seminars for the Ph.D. program. No Travel Seminars are never required but are an option. A seminar will take the place of a textbook. No Travel Seminars brings the class to your computer and may be watched at your convenience.   Currently we have one Church History No Travel Seminar. If you are taking seminars you may utilize this seminar (History of Revival In America) and also take other No Travel Seminars as electives.
Send your assignment to email:

Your books may be ordered at one time, however, Students are encouraged to take one course at a time.
There are lots of history books. This program requires eight courses which consists of eight of the following texts. You may select two alternate texts
if you are doing a BA or MA program. Text selections may be made from any degree page on this web site.  You may select up to three alternates from any page on this web site. (March 2, 2011) if you are enrolling in the Ph.D. program.

You may simply choose
eight of the texts below for either the BA or MA programs. There is a lot to be learned from any of the following texts. Once you have completed the texts your understanding of
Church History will be greater then ever before. You must take a minimum
of five church history texts (core courses) if you are in the BA or MA program. You can take three other elective texts from any of the texts used in any of our degree programs. You may also utilize three No Travel Seminars to make up your electives. No Travel Seminars are never required but are optional.
CH is for Church History
CH 600 Historical Christianity
Christianity Through the Centuries
by Earle E. Cairns (Hardcover - Dec 1, 1996)
CH 610  Faith In History
Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community
by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Paperback - Oct 25, 1978)
CH 620 Christian History
The One Year Christian History (One Year Books)
by E. Michael Rusten and Sharon O. Rusten (Paperback - Feb 5, 2003)
CH 630   Christian History In Brief
A Summary of Christian History by Robert A. Baker and John M. Landers (Hardcover - Nov 1, 2005)
CH 640   Early Church History
The Story of Christianity, Volume 1: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation (Story of Christianity) by Justo L. Gonzalez (Paperback - Jul 18, 1984)
CH 650 Black Church Beginnings
Black Church Beginnings: The Long-Hidden Realities of the First Years
by Henry H. Mitchell (Paperback - Oct 1, 2004)
CH 660    Book of Martyyrs
Fox's Book of Martyrs
by John Foxe (Paperback - Mar 26, 2009)
CH 680  Inner Church History of Riverside
The History of the Riverside Church in the City of New York (Religion, Race, and Ethnicity)
by Peter Paris, John W. Cook, James Hudnut-Beumler, and Lawrence Mamiya (Hardcover - May 1, 2004)
CH 690   Study of Calvinism
The History and Character of Calvinism
by J.T. McNeill (Paperback - Dec 31, 1967)
CH 710 Post Civil Rights Era
The Black Church in the Post-Civil Rights Era
by Anthony B. Pinn (Paperback - April 2002)
CH 730  Baptist Heritage
The Baptist Heritage by H. Leon McBeth (Hardcover - Jan 29, 1987)
CH 740   Anabaptist Sory
The Anabaptist Story: An Introduction to Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism
by William Roscoe Estep (Paperback - Jan 1996)
CH 750 Presbyterian History
: An Introduction for Presbyterians
by William M. Ramsay (Paperback - Jan 1, 2005)
CH 760 History of Revival In America
– No Travel Seminar, led by Dr.
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Tuition Costs:
Bachelor of Arts in Church History - $2,095.00
 Master of Arts in Church History - $2,295.00
Doctor of Philosophy in Church History – Ph.D. $2,595.00
A Wonderful opportunity!